Jules Lebègue

Jules Lebègue

wine house in saint-émilion since 1828

one of the oldest merchants in bordeaux

Our story begins in 1828, in the heart of the Médoc wine region. Driven by the ambition of Jules Lebègue and his brother Jean-Louis-Paul, the family company quickly became a world player in the wine trade.

The company’s history is full of interesting stories, which helps us to remember our values and commitments today.

our expertise

Based in the heart of a famous vineyard, in Saint-Emilion, the Maison Jules Lebègue develops quality wines from the most beautiful appellations of Bordeaux and Bergerac, for consumers around the world.

our environmental commitment

Since 2019, the wine house committed radically to sutainability. Sustainable development has become the “raison d’être” of Jules Lebègue, and of all its employees. Our customers and suppliers are now stakeholders in our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

Discover our versatility

At Jules Lebègue, we create strong brands. They carry with them values that have an impact beyond wine.
logo Jules Lebègue Bordeaux

architectural, histoire,
valeurs bourgeoises

logo Jules Lebègue

éco-conception, développement durable

logo Jules Lebègue

Naturalité, authenticité, histoire et
tourisme vert

logo l'auberge du périgord jules lebègue

Gastronomie, ruralité, art de vivre et convivialité

logo pontons du ferret jules lebègue

Farniente, vacances, dolce vita, nautisme, épicurisme

logo Jules Lebègue
logo Jules Lebègue
logo Jules Lebègue
logo l'auberge du périgord jules lebègue
logo pontons du ferret jules lebègue

Architectural heritage,
bourgeois values

Biodiversity, eco-friendly design, sustainable development
Naturalness, authenticity, history and green tourism
Gastronomy, rurality, art of living and conviviality
Farniente, holidays, La Dolce Vita, boating, Epicureanism